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Bay Area Drywall Repair

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Universe Painting Inc. are experts and have years of experience with drywall finishing and repair. Before you start any interior painting project, it is important that your drywall is checked for any possible repairs that need to be made. Drywall repair would be need if there are any gouges, cracks, holes or soft spots. Drywall also needs to be finished properly so that you are guaranteed to have your paint stick to the drywall and leave a nice looking painting job.

Our Painting contractors are able to complete all types of plaster, drywall finishing and repair. Our team can repair any hole or crack in your walls or ceilings in conjunction with any interior painting project. We also can finish a room by installing the sheet rock, preparing it and painting it.

We also offer drywall finishes such as faux finish and wood graining. If you are looking for something different instead of a solid color wall, then consider a faux finish. Faux finishes can resemble the texture of marble, wood graining, glazed finish, antiqued looked, metallic look, and many others. Call us for a free quote today.

Our Drywall Repair Provides the Following Detailed Services

  • Drywall Repair
  • Drywall Finishing
  • Drywall Preparation
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Water Damage
  • Drywall Patching
  • Plaster Repair
  • Sheet Rock Repair
  • Faux Finish
  • Wood Grain Finish
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Interior Painting

We Provide Drywall Repair Services to the Following Towns

Berkeley, CA | Oakland, CA | San Francisco, CA | Palo Alto, CA | Tiburon, CA | San Rafael, CA | San Mateo, CA | South San Francisco, CA | Walnut Creek, CA | Alameda, CA

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