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Bay Area Paint Removal & Stripping Service

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Peeling paint is an eyesore that nobody wants. If you have home that needs the paint stripped and removed, call the Bay Area painting contractors at Universe painting.

By hiring our professional Bay Area painters for paint removal and stripping service, you get a quality paint finish that lasts.

Universe Painting has been the painters of choice since since 1998. Our crew has completed many painting projects for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Our professional painters are highly skilled at techniques which effectively and efficiently remove the paint on your home. We can remove and strip paint from any surface. Let us offer you a free competitive quote today.

  • Removing Paint From Wood
  • Exterior Paint Stripping
  • Interior Paint Removal
  • Trim Paint Stripping
  • Metal & Aluminum Paint Stripping
  • Lead Paint Removal

Proper Paint Removal Techniques

Complete paint removal is necessary if the paint is peeling or there have been too many coats applied. Before repainting your Bay Area home or any other surface, the old surface must be properly prepared. Leaving old paint behind causes two main issues.

First, it creates bumps, lumps and bulges in your new paint. Second, the old layer prevents new paint from lasting as long. That means the work either looks horrible or you find yourself painting again in just a few short years.

Commercial & Industrial Paint Removal

Do you have commercial or industrial equipment that needs to be repainted? The existing paint will need to be removed from the metal surfaces and then they need to be refinished with a high-quality durable paint. Our Bay Area painting contractors offer this service regularly to commercial and industrial clients. We have the tools and skills to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Why Hire Our Bay Area Painting Contractors For Paint Removal?

It can be extremely difficult and time consuming to remove paint. It can be a major chore and a hassle to do yourself. If you don't know what type of paint you are removing, you could be exposed to lead poisoning.

Our professional painters have the tools and the experience to properly remove the paint from any surface. We are lead certified professionals who know the proper techniques involved if the paint is lead based. Our experts can determine whether or not the paint is lead based and will then properly remove it for you.

  • Superior quality services
  • On time project completion
  • Free estimates
  • Highly experienced & well equipped
  • Residential, commercial, industrial paint removal

If you need paint removing and stripping service in the Bay Area, please call Universe Painting at 866-666-6761 or complete our online request form.